Google Adds Solitaire and Noughts & Crosses Games to Search Results

By James O Malley on at

Want a new way to waste time in the office? Then good news as now all you need to do is search for "Solitaire" or "Noughts and Crosses" (or the American "tic-tac-toe" if you call it by the wrong name), and the game will pop up right there in your search results.

TechSpot spotted the new games, which work across both desktop and mobile. It follows the introduction of a number of similar new tools, such as "flip a coin"... which will... well, flip a virtual coin.

Solitaire comes with two modes of difficulties, and will bring memories of Windows 95 flooding back. Noughts and Crosses (as it is definitely, correctly called) has four modes: Easy, Medium, "Impossible" (in which it is literally impossible for the player to win), and "Play Against a Friend".

While these are just fairly trivial games, there is arguably a more serious side to these additions. Many Google-watchers speculate that Google has been watching for common search terms and is building tools to answer questions without making users click through to other websites. During the Olympics, online publishers grumbled that Google was hoovering up traffic for common questions, such as the medals table and when events were scheduled for. In this case, the websites that lose out are sites that let you play Solitaire online. Why would you ever need to click through again?