Earn Some Cash on the Side by Talking to Google in a Scottish Accent

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google can help you earn $$$$ by working from home, as long as you're Scottish and have access to a PC and/or Android-powered mobile phone.

The tech giant posted its request for help on Reddit, where it asked for Scottish and British users to record their talking via audio sharing tool Vocaroo, presumably so it might, one day in the distant future, be able to get its voice recognition features working when someone in Glasgow wants to order a kebab from a local supplier. Adults will make £27 for a couple of hours of recording themselves reading from a script, with children taking £30.

The thread is now full of Android users posting their ages and devices, so we could all use it for a place to make new friends. What's not to like about a 26-year-old woman who owns a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge? [Reddit via BBC]

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