Google's Experimenting With Adding Bluetooth Support to Chrome

By Tom Pritchard on at

It looks like the day is coming where your browser will be aware of all the different gadgets you have lying around the house. That's because Google's just turned on an experimental feature in Chrome and Chrome OS, one that will let them directly communicate with your Bluetooth tech.

So what's the use for this? Well it ditches your operating system as the middle man. You could easily use a web interface to communicate with smart home tech, or sync data from a wearable to the online servers, all without having to download an extra piece of software to your machine.

It's going to be a while before this lot is in use though, since it requires users to have the pre-release version of Chrome 53 and for a website or organisation to actually implement the tech. You definitely won't be using it before Christmas, since Google still has trials planned until January of next year.

Still if it works and means we don't have to download so many apps, this could be quite useful. [Google via Engadget]