Google's Next Nexus May Bin the Android App Drawer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest leak to cover Google's plans to rejig Android for the launch of its next range of Nexus phones later this year is in, and it's quite a big one -- the app drawer, a long standard of the stock Android experience, would appear to be on the way out.

According to Android Police, which produced animated GIFs to back up its claims, sources have shown it the all-new approach to organising apps that could appear as a default option on the new Nexus phones later this year. The app drawer still exists, but instead of the familiar little icon in the middle of the bottom dock, there's now an up arrow signifying that the user can swipe up to reveal something -- pulling up the list of apps with one of Google's fancy page transition effects.

You then swipe down from anywhere to put it away again, being careful not to hit the notifications pane, or press the little arrow. And the home screen has changed too; instead of the usual Google search box there's now a G for Google tab that pulls out the search box. [Android Police]

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