Have You Ever Taken a "Digital Detox"?

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK communications regulator Ofcom has released a rather large bit of research into the digital lives of the UK, revealing the shock news that some 34 per cent of the population has taken some sort of "digital detox" at one time or another -- a purposeful break from looking at screens and being online all the time, lasting up to a month in some cases.

According to Ofcom, some of us are starting to worry that endlessly hanging on for notifications about nothing and waiting for pretend time limits to expire is maybe not all that healthy for our brains and family lives, with one third of the adult internet users it surveyed admitting to occasionally putting the phone down and having a rest from the digital world. And 11 per cent of those have done it in the last week.

20 per cent of the people who took a digital break managed to do it for a whole week, or so they claim, although what with work and every single social event being organised courtesy of Facebook, SMS or evidence-deleting instant messaging apps, we find that pretty hard to believe. 59 per cent of those asked described themselves as being "hooked" on their little smart companion devices, with 11 per cent of everyone checking their favourite parts of the internet over 50 times a day. That's you. But have you ever needed to have a holiday from it all because you feel like you're going mad? [Ofcom]

Image credit: Shutterstock/g-stockstudio