Here's What Microsoft Thinks Windows in VR Could Look Like

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier today Intel showed off  a virtual reality headset that doesn't have any pesky cords. Project Alloy, as its being called, will run on Windows Holographic, the same software used to run Microsoft's Hololens. Holographic isn't restricted to pricey headsets, though, and we have our first look at how Microsoft envisions using Windows in VR.

Well it's not quite VR as we know it. It's Intel's 'mixed reality' which combines real-world and computer generated environments. A virtual office might be incredibly handy, but a virtual dog? Not so much. Then again, my landlord can't object to me having a virtual reality pet.

Windows Holographic is coming to Windows 10 sometime next year, and Intel will be making its hardware open source in the second half of next year.