Hey Facebook, It’s Spelled G-I-Z-M-O-D-O

By Gizmodo on at

Back in May, Gizmodo writer Michael Nunez broke the story of former Facebook workers who said the site regularly suppressed news from conservative websites. And with the announcement that Facebook will change its algorithm (yet again) to reduce clickbait links, it looks like the company might be holding a grudge about that story and several others we’ve recently written about Facebook. We just wish Facebook could spell our name right.

Facebook’s new algorithm is, according to the company, designed to filter out “clickbait.” And as Techcrunch points out, Facebook used an example of clickbait on its new publishing best practices page with a mocked up website called “Gizmotecho.com.”

Techcrunch speculates that this might be a thinly veiled shot at Gizmodo for our coverage of the site.

Hey Facebook, It’s Spelled G-I-Z-M-O-D-O

Fictional screenshot used by Facebook as an example of “clickbait”

Of course, GizmoTecho.com isn’t a real website. At least it wasn’t until we bought it for a few pennies as yet another digital warehouse for our clickbait trash journalism.