Hilton Hotels Spams Users With Accidental Phishing Soundalike

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Hilton recently group tried to check up on its customers via email, sending out a bland communication that greeted them with "Hello [name]" and asked them to click on a link to hand over their details. Problem was, this resembled phishing methods so perfectly that customers -- and even Hilton staff -- thought it was a fake hunting for personal details.

When the rubbish email was brought to its attention online, the human in charge of social media engagement for the group denied it was from them, saying the recipient shouldn't share his or her information with the sender of the email. Because it was such a terribly conceived piece of work by the chain that no one could believe it was genuine.

Lenny Zeltser has some tips for anyone out there who's been given the job of engaging with lapsed consumers via email, which boils down to doing everything the opposite of the way Hilton did it. [Twitter via The Register]

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