Israeli Army to Use Microsoft HoloLens for AR Wars

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Israeli army's Systems Department has somehow swung the purchase of two Microsoft HoloLens units, by pretending that the AR system might be useful for training its people in how to do war better.

The approach is being implemented by Major Rotem Bashi, the commander of the head programming department. He suggests that Hololens might be of use to forge battlefield strategies and to help train field personnel, although surely putting on a massive rucksack and stomping for 20 miles will still be required.

Bashi explained: "We connect all kinds of technologies and innovative concepts that come from the civilian world and try to adapt them as quickly as possible to military use," with Bloomberg reporting that he plans to have the systems in place and being used to train up his men within a couple of months.

Actual possible uses include letting medics wearing HoloLens operate on wounded people by streaming in live feeds from trained surgeons back away from any potential future war zone, with Bashi saying that the short lead time in developing apps when compared with the painfully slow pace of creating bespoke military hardware should ensure it's in use before becoming outdated. [Bloomberg]

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