KFC's 'Secret Recipe' Has Been Found and Photographed

By Gary Cutlack on at

The supposedly secret recipe behind the KFC brand of crispy chicken has been published online, after a relative of the actual Colonel allowed it to be photographed by a visiting reporter.

The story of the discovery of the herb mix was pieced together by the Chicago Tribune. It sent a reporter to KFC's spiritual home of Corbin, Kentucky, where legend has it that an old man first fried chicken in stuff to the delight of locals.

There it spoke with surviving relatives of the great pollotarian, including the 67-year-old Joe Ledington, nephew of the famed chicken cook. While leafing through a scrapbook of memories compiled by his aunt Claudia Ledington -- Colonel Sanders' second wife -- the reporter happened across a shopping list of spices attached to the back of her will.

"That is the original 11 herbs and spices that were supposed to be so secretive," Ledington blabbed, foolishly also letting the man from the Tribune take a photo of it for sharing on today's internet. So there you go. It's flour, salt, dried mustard, and all the sorts of things more usually found on the back of crisp packets, slapped on meat, cooked, and thrown into a bucket made out of a secret blend of cardboards. [Chicago Tribune via Independent]

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