Led Zeppelin Handed £620,000 Bill to Settle Plagiarism Case

By Gary Cutlack on at

The decades-long battle between Led Zeppelin and the estate of the late guitarist Randy Wolfe was settled recently, with a court deciding there weren't enough similarities between the two songs to justify a case of musical theft. Led Zep haven't got away with it entirely, though, as a judge has decided the court case had enough merit to it that the band must pay the costs.

And those costs are pretty substantial, with the band facing a bill expected to be around £620,000. Judge R Gary Klausner is the latest bearer of bad news for the band, in ruling that the case wasn't a frivolous money grab by the estate of Wolfe. Had he deemed it a cynical cash in the estate would've been handed the costs, but, seeing as it's one of the music world's oldest and most famous cases of alleged tune theft, Klausner has decided that it's only fair that the band picks up its massive US legal system tab.

It still isn't the end of the case, though, as the lawyer acting on behalf of the estate of former Spirit guitarist Wolfe says he still plans to appeal the original decision. [BBC]

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