Lincolnshire Artist Clones Life Size Tank

By Gary Cutlack on at

Art, or declaration of war? That's the quandary that'll soon be facing art enthusiasts in the Scunthorpe area, as artist Peter Mountain's hand built clone of a US army tank goes on display.

The tank is set to be the star of the show at Scunthorpe's 20-21 Visual Arts Centre from this week. The subtext is probably something about the commoditization of war and the limitless budgets of the military world and how that impacts on societies around the world, or maybe it's just supposed to be something exciting for children to look at before they go in the shop to whine about having Coke. Who knows.

Mountain used some video game assets and 3D software creation tools as the basis for his prints, spending around four years working with the Salford University’s Department of Virtual Environments to make his dream 3D and real. It's not actually been printed out; instead he took the schematics and carved pieces from wood, making the finished product resemble more of a 3D jigsaw, or the type of puzzle an out-of-touch grandparent might buy a child for Christmas.

The gallery said of the creation of the piece: "Formed using thousands of sheets of plywood that slot together to create a skeletal mesh, the artist filled in, fleshed out and re-sculpted this one-of-a-kind artwork from hundreds of recycled broken pallets. The piece was then set on fire in a controlled manner, to produce the unique feel of a charcoal drawing."

It's in the 20-21 courtyard from August 20. [Peter Mountain via Creative Boom]

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