Living in Silicon Valley Sounds Like a Nightmare 

By William Turton on at

The housing situation has become so ridiculous in Palo Alto, California, that there’s a studio up for sale for a cool $1.3 million – that's the equivalent of £990,000. Bloomberg says that’s totally normal. Good luck using your phone in this stupid overpriced studio, because cell service is a total shit show.

According to Bloomberg, the median home value in Palo Alto – the original home of Facebook and Google – has doubled to $2.5 million (£1.9m) since 2005, which is 13 times the national US level.

Such rich dwellers might try to have the Tesla take itself out of the garage, hop in and let it drive to somewhere hospitable with at least two bars of signal, but good luck doing with that, fat-cats: traffic is also a nightmare in sunny Silicon Valley. Not to mention being surrounded by other annoying rich people who love to terrorise their neighbours.

While prospective property owners try to figure out how to pay exorbitant mortgages — or chuck money into a rent hole — they shouldn't worry about competition in their job coding up apps and software, because the mayor is literally considering banning companies that write code. Did someone say shit show? Oh yeh, me. Shit. Show. [Bloomberg and New York Times]