Looks Like Huawei's Still Doing the "Phone for Women" Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new phone from Chinese smartphone establishment troubler Huawei is rumoured to be on the cards for next month's IFA tech event, and it's good to see that Huawei is finally addressing a huge problem that afflicts 50 per cent of our society -- it's making a smartphone that women will be able to use.

This astonishing world first results in a device currently known under the name Nova. Nova is, according to leaked specs, a small-ish device with just a 4.7-inch display so it can fit in handbags, it comes in a gold colour to match earrings, and as the image above illustrates, it has a really long and easy to press volume rocker, so those poor ladies might be able to adjust the level of the music they're listening to without seeking assistance from a male friend.

Also, it only runs at a low-ish resolution of 1280 x 720, because women's eyes can't see as many pixels as men's, with just 2GB of internal RAM -- enough to run Facebook and the Daily Mail website -- and 16GB of internal storage. If the lady owner can get a man to buy the right kind of memory card, a microSD will expand the storage, should she need more space for poorly-focused images of babies and relatives.

That's not me saying any of this, it's all clearly inferred by Huawei. Is this seriously still happening in 2016? [GSM Arena via Phone Radar]

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