Making BBC Three Online-Only Might Not Have Been the Best Move

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats looking at the current state of the live TV watching habits of the nation appear to show that the BBC's gone down in popularity among youth viewers, a fact that's being blamed on the move to make BBC Three an online only channel.

The numbers come via TV marketing group Thinkbox, which says that the BBC's commercial rivals profited handsomely between March and May this year as BBC Three or BBC III or whatever turned into nothing more than a category on iPlayer. Their numbers show that 16 to 34-year-old audience fell by a quite enormous 18% in the period, which is no surprise given that the young reality TV crowd was its main target audience.

ITV2 went in quite hard by buying up former BBC Three favourites Family Guy and American Dad and stealing some ex-BBC viewers as a result, with E4 also increasing its share among the kids as the BBC binned its youth channel. [Guardian]

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