Matt LeBlanc Isn't Sure if He's Wanted For the Next Season of Top Gear

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Chris Evans may be gone, but the future of Top Gear is still far from clear. The motoring show’s resident handsome man has revealed that even he is being kept in the dark about the next season, explaining the situation to American network CBS.

Asked if he was returning to Top Gear, LeBlanc said, “I don’t know. I’d like to. There’s nothing officially happening yet. Follow the BBC.”

As the most popular new presenter of the revamped car series, it would be a shock to see the BBC turn its back on the former Friends star, though why he still hasn’t been told whether or not he will reprise his role on the show beats me.

He also revealed that his favourite part of the show was the travel, before reiterating his love for motoring by saying, "That show has a pretty broad demographic. Everybody can relate to an automobile.”

Top Gear’s planned Christmas specials have been cancelled, with execs keen to focus on boosting the show’s viewership for 2017, and it appears they haven’t yet got past the drawing board. [CBS via Guardian]