Microsoft Might Be Teasing a New Surface Book

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days leaks are a pretty standard part of tech development. Someone, somewhere manages to get a shot of something that might be new and posts it online for the world to see. And there are always the people just make things up for the lulz.

But what about companies that beat the leaks by teasing small details, rather than saving it everything for a big flashy announcement? There's a chance Microsoft might be doing just that.

A lot of attention has been drawn to a picture the software giant posted to the official Surface account on Instagram. The reason? It's no Surface device anyone has ever seen before.

There's a pretty obvious hinge there, so it probably isn't a new Surface tablet. It's also nothing like the bendy hinge included on the original Surface Book, which we saw last year.

At the moment everything points to this not being an official design for a new Surface Book. Windows Central claims that the image actually comes from an internal sizzle reel designed to show off potential Surface Book 2 designs. So either someone messed up, or it's a deliberate tease to try and get some buzz going. Considering the image has been up for over 19 hours without being deleted, it's unlikely that this is the work of a clutzy marketing intern.

At the moment all we have to go on are rumours. They claim that Microsoft has been reworking the hinge for the next Surface Book model, and that the prototype devices are black. Though it's not clear whether any production models will retain the new colour, or if Microsoft will stick to silver.

Word is that Microsoft might also be holding another devices event in October, which would be the ideal time to unveil some new Surface devices - including that long-awaited Surface Phone. But, unfortunately, we have zero confirmation. We'll just have to wait and see. [Windows Central via Slashgear]