Microsoft Sells an Xbox Onesie for You to Die Wearing

By Gary Cutlack on at

This has been announced by Xbox Australia, so there's a small chance it's a weird local joke we don't understand. But it seems quite real. It's the Xbox Onesie for people who want people to know they love Xbox so much they need to physically sit inside an approximation of one.

The garment has "enlarged pockets" so you can carry your controllers around the house even though no one ever does that, has a pouch on the arm for housing a mobile phone for easy access to the other thing you look at all the time, comes with a massive hood so you can sheath yourself while still listening to headphones and can even be customised with your Gamertag via an embroidery service. The only thing it doesn't appear to have is a small frontal service hatch for attaching the catheter.

There's a black one and a white one, depending on which colour of stain you're intending on producing the most of. Hopefully Australia has it's version of April Fool's Day on August 23rd, else this might actually be real. [Gamespot]

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