MTV Helicopter Breaks Record For Largest Aerial Projection

By Andrew Liszewski on at

To help promote its Video Music Awards that aired over the weekend, MTV employed a novel approach to aerial advertising. Instead of having a plane pulling a large banner, it used a pair of helicopters to create a flying cinema screen that the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed as the world’s largest aerial projection.

The advertising stunt was realised by a company called Branding By Air who developed and built the 76-metre-wide screen using scale models in a wind tunnel to ensure that it was actually possible. The custom-engineered screen needed to remain unfurled and vertical for the stunt to work, so it featured pockets along the top to help give it lift, and weights along the bottom to keep it stretched out and taut.

A second helicopter flying alongside the airborne screen was packed with three 4K video projectors all working in tandem to maximize the brightness and colour saturation of the projected video. And while the pilot of the second chopper was highly experienced (he flies power-line inspectors right the live cables for his day job) the projector system itself was able to track the location of the screen to help ensure it was always on target giving both aircraft were moving independently. [YouTube via Wired]