No Joke, Jared Leto Has Joined Blade Runner 2

By Germain Lussier on at

The final piece of casting for Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel has just been set — it’s Jared Leto, fresh off his polarising take on the Joker in Suicide Squad.

Leto will play “a key role”, according to Alcon Entertainment co-CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. “He is a phenomenal actor, and we know he will create a truly memorable, never-before-seen character,” the duo said in a press release.

Leto joins an already impressive cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Barkhad Abdi, Dave Bautista and others in a film set several decades after the 1982 Ridley Scott original. Let’s hope the cast is ready to get a lot of origami in the mail.

The Blade Runner sequel will be released October 6, 2017.