Nottingham Students Make a Black Hole (Out of Paint)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A team of quantum gravity specialists have succeeded in making a black hole in the lab, only it's more like a whirlpool to the layman seeing as it resembles what happens when you pull the plug out of a particularly deep and necessary bath.

The experiments have resulted in a thing called the Black Hole Machine, which is quite an over-selling of some coloured water going down a hole. Still, the explanation of what's happening sounds really scientific, with a researcher talking about event horizons, inescapable cones, scattering processes, and what happens when a rubber duck crosses the event horizon and enters the flow head first. Here's some easily accessible science:

That isn't some people having a laugh on school time with bubble bath bought on expenses, it is in fact a hydrodynamic simulation of a rotating black hole. They're doing some important learning, stuff that might come in handy the next time Christopher Nolan makes a space film. [YouTube via Motherboard]

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