Now Apple Wants to Rip-Off Snapchat Too, Apparently

By James O Malley on at

Apple appears to be going after Snapchat and building an app for sending photos and videos with filters, according to reports.

Bloomberg claims that Apple is planning to go big on building new social functionality into iOS - because it is worried about remaining relevant for young users.

One suggestion is that the company is working on a video sharing app similar to Snapchat, that will enable videos of up to a minute in length to have filters applied, and then sent either via iMessage or other social networks, such as Twitter. It looks set to build on Apple's June announcement that iMessage on iOS10 will feature animations, photo filters and the like - essentially to make the service more fun.

The plan is apparently to build an app that can be used one handed - so young people can record, edit and send as quickly as possible. It's apparently being built by the team behind Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Curiously, these reports follow Facebook also launching a new attempt to take on Snapchat, in the form of Instagram stories - a similar set of filters and drawing tools that can be applied to private messages between users. It appears the consensus amongst the tech giants is that Snapchat is the company to worry about.

Separately to the above, Apple is also reportedly thought to be working on deeper integration for social networks - such as a unified contact book, and the ability to see all interactions, whether email, SMS or social media message, with someone in one place. Whether this will ever see the light of day though remains to be seen - apparently Apple's higher-ups are currently reviewing the feature to make sure it doesn't cause privacy concerns.

If we're lucky, we might find out more next month when Apple is almost certain to reveal the iPhone 7, at an event that is widely expected to take place on the 7th September. [Bloomberg via The Verge.]