Physical Game Sales Crumbled in July as Gamers go Digital

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sales of in-a-box real versions of video games hit a new all-time low in the UK, at least since games were invented, started being £40 and sales began being counted, with just £21.4m spent on physical games in the UK during July; a number lower than the lowest low of £23m reported back in July of 2013.

It's not a huge surprise in the month when Pokemon Go seized control of the eyes of the nation, a game that doesn't come in a box and is instead delivered by lots of ones and zeroes flying down a bit of cable and reassembling themselves in the memory of a portable device.

A total of 792,000 physical games were sold in outlets across the UK in July, plus there was a winner -- Nintendo. It saw an increase in its share of software sales, thanks to the launches of Monster Hunter Generations and Minecraft: Wii U Edition, plus there was an uplift in sales of its vast back catalogue of existing Pokemon games thanks to the media going bonkers for the new mobile one and talking about it all the time despite not really understanding any of it. [MCVUK]

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