Popular YouTuber Creates Propaganda Music Video for North Korea

By William Turton on at

I’ve seen a lot of disgusting things in my years on the internet, but this video takes the cake.

A popular Youtuber named Louis Cole, whose channel has nearly two million subscriptions, ended his trip to North Korea by creating a music video called “Surfin In The DPRK”. This isn’t some biting political commentary that touches on the atrocities carried out by the North Korean dictatorship, but rather a fun, lighthearted video about “bringing our wold together”.

Cole has already been hit with criticism for the lighthearted and intellectually dishonest “adventure videos” he’s posted on YouTube while on his state-organized tour of North Korea. In one video description, Cole writes “I’m trying to focus on positive things in the country and combat the purely negative image we see in the Media.”

In case you needed a reminder, North Korea is a country run by a dictatorship that strikes fear into its citizens by demanding compliance. North Korean citizens are ravaged by poverty and hunger, and if you were to escape North Korea, your family and friends would be sent to a hard labor camp for decades. These are just a few of the daily crimes against humanity that are carried out by the North Korean dictatorship. It feels weird to repeat this, because everyone already knows about the intense pain and suffering of the North Korean people and the atrocities regularly carried out by the North Korean government, but Cole doesn’t seem to get it.

For whatever reason, Cole doesn’t seem to realise that his tour of North Korea, just like all other tours of the country, is staged and set up to appear as if the country is thriving and prosperous. Cole seems to think that by not mentioning these atrocities, or the hunger ravaging the country, and by making a cheery video hanging out with his new North Korean friends, that he’ll be able to help bridge some global divide. That, of course, is delusional—but we hope Cole enjoys the YouTube ad revenue!

Cole has since replied with his take on the matter, post criticism.