PS4 Slim Definitely a Real Thing, Yours Today Through eBay Scalpers for £400

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you want to pay an extortionate price to buy something that's sole reason to exist is to be cheap, great news! The redesigned slimline PS4 that leaked earlier this week is now for sale in slightly larger quantities, with the thing popping up on eBay for prices upwards of £400.

Listings such as this one ask for a total of £420 to be one of the first owners of the machine in the country, plus there's another one here for £500 from a different seller. This one's starting at £200 and the man says he's got two more of them from somewhere. It's one of the weirdest leaks in the history of hardware, as Sony's yet to even announce the existence of the thing let alone set a release date for it.

Yet there it is...

...on the carpet of a man's house in its proper box. [eBay]

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