Report: PS4 Neo to Launch on September 7th

By Gerald Lynch on at

We know it's coming – it's even been confirmed by Sony CEO Andrew House already. But we may be getting our first proper glimpse of the PS4K, the PlayStation Neo, next month according to a new report.

French gaming site Gameblog cites sources stating Sony is planning a major event for September 7th in New York, where it will showcase its upgraded PS4. With the Tokyo Game Show just a week later, it may seem like an unusual move by Sony, if confirmed – which it as-yet isn't. But the reasoning could be sound – use the event for a flashy focussed showcase of the console, giving it dedicated hype space, and allowing the Tokyo Game Show to focus on software. In addition, the long-gestating Nintendo NX is expected to be revealed in September too, with some sources pointing at a September 12th showcase for old Ninty. It could be that Sony's trying to take the wind from its rival's sails with a slightly earlier announcement.

Other than rumours of 4K capabilities and a focus on VR experiences, there's not much to go on for the PlayStation Neo. An earlier report from Giant Bomb pointed to a new build of the console with beefier guts, rather than an add-on module. It's said to have an 8-core processor running at 2.1GHz (considerably faster that the 1.6GHz that the PS4 currently has), as well as a faster GPU and faster RAM. All PS4 games from October will be expected to be optimised for both consoles, new and old, too.

With the Xbox One S on shelves and Microsoft's powerful new Project Scorpio gaming machine in development, the PlayStation Neo will have its work cut out for it in the coming months. Sony's been top dog this gaming generation thanks to clear messaging and great console exclusives. The fight to keep pole position is going to be an interesting one. [Gameblog]