RIP, Google Chromebook Pixel 2

By Gerald Lynch on at

The finest Chromebook money can buy is being discontinued. 2015's Chromebook Pixel 2 is being phased out according to VentureBeat, without any replacement on the horizon yet.

With a 13-inch multitouch screen at a 2560 x 1700 resolution, 4K video output and an i7 processor, it was the high-end, cream-of-the-crop when it came to Chromebooks.

So, does this mark the end of the Pixel line? Probably not.

“We’re committed to the Pixel program but we don’t have plans to restock the Pixel 2,” a Google spokesperson said.

But that's not to say the Pixel line will reemerge in a wholly familiar guise. The Pixel line is often considered a reference point for the rest of the Chromebook manufacturing industry, and the newer Android-based Pixel C seems to point to where the Pixel brand will go in the future. Don't be surprised if the next Pixel device you see paves the way for the oft-rumoured Chrome OS / Android convergence. [VentureBeat]