Scientists Find a Dead Whale and Poke it in Wonder

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists nosing about among the Diet Coke bottles, Coop carrier bags and flushed away Lego minifigs at the bottom of the sea have made an interesting discovery -- a nearly-complete whale skeleton that's almost finished decomposing where the creature fell.

The discovery was made by the team manning the E/V Nautilus sea survey craft, who found the remains of what appears to have once been a mighty baleen whale rotting away in the sea off the coast of California. That's quite a rare finding, as whales tend to swim off to peaceful, remote, deep places when it's time for them to pop off, or transform into angels and fly away. Researchers are so keen to see what happens to whale carcasses that they sometimes sink dead beasts on purpose and chain them down to see how they rot; finding a genuine one is really quite the thing in the marine universe.

Here are some scientists being excited about finding a dead whale:

It has worms eating its bones and a weird anemone or coral type of blob on it. The world swapped a whale for two weird lumpy things and lots of worms. [YouTube via Cnet]

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