Seagate Demos Astonishing 60TB SSD for Business Superpowers

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you happen to have a high-end data centre and an unlimited budget, here's your next exciting purchase; Seagate's 60TB SAS SSD, which is, as foreshadowed by the model number, an SSD with 60TB of storage space. That's enough space to put a dog's brain in one folder and every song ever recorded in another.

Seagate made its announcement at the thrilling-sounding, men-only Flash Memory Summit conference, where it revealed that the 60TB SAS should start hitting the market in 2017. It'll come in a standard 3.5-inch form factor too, making it easy for business to slot them in existing racks -- or for men to remortgage their flats and purchase one for the gaming rig.

That should, allowing for about 3GB per song, be enough space to hold 18.7 million tracks, which is pretty much the entire catalogue offered by some streaming services. So that's Spotify all on one super fast drive. [Business Wire via Engadget]

Image credit: Twitter

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