Someone is Cycling the Length of Britain in VR

By Tom Pritchard on at

Exercise bikes can be a great way to get yourself some much-needed exercise, but they aren't exactly thrilling experiences. At least cycling on the roads adds the rush of maybe being hit by a car when you skip the lights. Not content with simply banging the TV on, Aaron Puzey is using his exercise bike to cycle the length of Britain with a bit of help from virtual reality.

Puzey has developed an app for Samsung's Gear VR headset to help him in this quest. The app feeds Google Street View panoramas into the headset, using a Bluetooth cadence sensor to track speed. The app will also warp and alter the on-screen images as Puzey cycles along - simulating the sensation that he's actually travelling.

The goal is to ride from Land's End all the way up to John O'Groats in Scotland, and Puzey began his journey back in May. He's just made it north of Manchester, and even though he's got a long way to go that's a pretty impressive achievement.

Puzey's been filming and narrating his journey for YouTube, with each video showing the view in his living room, what he sees on the headset's screen, and a map of Britain. As you can see in the video above, the view can be a little bit jarring at times. Street View is a pretty crude view of the world after all, but it sure as hell beats having to stare at the wall all day. It's bit easier (and cheaper) than taking the time and effort to make the journey for real. The outside world has hills and spiders in in, after all.

You can follow Puzey's journey on YouTube, or over on his blog. Unfortunately the app isn't available for you to download for yourself. [Upload VR via Engadget]