Sonos Speaker Control Coming to Spotify

By Gerald Lynch on at

Spotify's apps are already great for acting as mobile remotes for whichever device is currently streaming tunes from the Swedish service. It's made my home cinema-connected PS4 my go-to stereo system as a result, letting me line up tunes through the PlayStation app before blasting them through my 5.1 speakers. So today's news comes as a natural extension of those capabilities – the Spotify apps will soon let you take complete control over any wireless Sonos speakers you may have.

A "first-of-its-kind integration," Spotify Premium users will be able to access Sonos play controls, as well as have the ability to group and ungroup multiple Sonos speakers and room assignments, right within the Spotify apps. It's the first streaming service to get integrated Sonos controls outside of Sonos's own application. It sounds great for parties too, as anyone with the Spotify app will be able to take control of the speakers without needing to download the Sonos app first. Might make for some awkward playlist battles though.

The Sonos update also brings with it Alexa integration for those lucky souls across the pond with access to Amazon's voice activated Echo assistant. Still no word on its UK release date, but we live in hope. [Sonos]