Spotify's Personalised New Release Radar Playlist Will Keep You Up With the Hipsters

By Gerald Lynch on at

That "Britpop Bangers" playlist you've been cultivating is about to go unloved. Spotify is today rolling out a new feature called Release Radar, which will offer its listeners a playlist of brand new tracks based on their personal preferences.

Offering a fresh selection of brand new tracks every Friday, Release Radar will populate a playlist for you based on what its algorithms have figured out matches your tastes. You'll get up to two hours worth of the latest songs from your favourite bands and artists, as well as a sprinkling of stuff you've never listened to that Spotify reckons you'll like based on your listening habits.

In theory, the more you listen, the more accurate its suggestions should get and, given the quality of Spotify's Discover Weekly suggestions playlist, I'd say this could end up being quite good. Unless, like me, most of your favourite artists are either dead or knackered, in which case you might be waiting a while for brand new stuff from them.

The Release Radar playlist can be found in the 'New Releases For You' section of the 'Discover' tab on Spotify's mobile and desktop apps. Give it a go, and let us know what you think.