Supposed PS4 Slim Leaks Online [Updated]

By Tom Pritchard on at

Update (15:44): Eurogamer claims to have confirmed the PS4 Slim on Gumtree was the real deal. They promise to have more on it soon. It looks like my conclusion was completely wrong, but you can't blame me for being sceptical. It'll be interesting to get a proper look and see how the new console actually compares to its older brother.

There's also a video of it booting up:

Original story follows:

Sony has a big PlayStation-related event planned for the 7th September, where everyone is damn sure the new slimmer PlayStation 4 (aka the PS4K) will be revealed to the world. Buuuut maybe it just leaked online, via Gumtree of all places.

The listing used to be found here, but it's mysteriously vanished as of this morning. Presumably because somebody bought it and will dissect the device in front of the eyes of the internet. Until then, let's gawp over the few images that we have:

As you can see it's smaller than the regular PS4, and has more rounded edges - something that will be welcomed by anyone who's scratched themselves on the PS4's razor-sharp corners. You can also see from the top image that it still only has two USB ports (urgh), which have been spaced apart for some reason.

With those buttons for power and disc ejection, and the overall aesthetic, I'd say this one looks a lot clunkier than the more streamlined efforts of the standard PS4.

See that odd-looking port to the right of the HDMI? I reckon that's where the PSVR is supposed to plug in. I don't believe I that particular port is on the regular model, and it looks a bit like the port the Xbox 360 Slim had for Kinect. Almost too much like it if I'm honest. What happened to the PS Camera-only AUX port anyway? I was under the impression you needed that bit of kit for VR to work. Is the camera really going to be connected to the headset before it plugs into the console?

I have my doubts about the authenticity of this product. For starters, why the hell would you put it on Gumtree for a piddly £295 when eBay would likely net you hundreds more? The last time I went to Gumtree was to look at prices for second-hand bikes, not acquire rare unreleased gaming hardware. Even if you were worried about your auction being pulled, why ask for so little? This is one of a kind, for now, and should be worth much closer to a grand.

Also what's the deal with the 500GB model? If this is legit, then it shows Sony (unlike Microsoft) has learnt absolutely nothing about games and storage over the past few years. Oh and if this is a European model, why on earth is is advertising such a random selection of streaming services? Icflix, from what I can gather, is only available in North Africa in the Middle East, and Starzplay is US only. Bein is from France, though, which makes more sense.

So is this the real deal? I don't think so, but I'm not confident enough that I'd bet my life savings on it. A lot of things just don't add up to me, and it seems like the seller is just trying to make a few quid.

In other news, word is that Sony will have not one but two PS4 consoles to show off at the event in September. Supposedly one of those ill be the PS4K, with fancy new hardware and all that, while the other is a smaller more streamlined version of the current PS4 model. I kind of assumed that was happening anyway.

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