Teens Love Weed

By William Turton on at

The results are in: Teens in the US are inhaling The Good Plant like never before.

That’s according to a new report that showed high school students are more likely to say they’ve blazed it in the past thirty days than engaged in binge drinking.

To come up with the findings, Project Know — an addiction referral website — parsed survey data from state and federal agencies across the US. The group found that teen binge drinking is on the decline, where herb inhalation is on the up. The study also found that American teens are smoking way more of the devil’s lettuce than European teens. As their stats suggest:

Nationally, 20% of American high school students used marijuana within the last month, a rate much greater than that seen in most European nations. Only two countries, Spain (20%) and France (24%), equaled or exceeded the recent usage rates of U.S. students. Elsewhere, rates of 10% or less were the norm, as seen in the United Kingdom (11%), Germany (7%), Iceland (4%), and Sweden (3%). Figures as low as 1% were seen in Moldova as well as the nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Washington Post broke down the study, showing that coastal states have a higher teen to ganja ratio:

Here are the five states with the highest percentage of high school students who reporting smoking marijuana in the past 30 days:

  1. D.C., 32.2 per cent
  2. New Mexico, 27.8 per cent
  3. Washington, 26.7 per cent
  4. Connecticut, 26 per cent
  5. Vermont 25.7 per cent

Here at the five states with the highest percentage of high school students who reported binge drinking in the past 30 days:

  1. West Virginia, 24.4 per cent
  2. Montana, 23.5 per cent
  3. New Jersey, 23 per cent
  4. Iowa, 23 per cent
  5. Arkansas 22.9 per cent

This is probably a good thing, considering too much alcohol can lead to major injuries and death, whereas too much weed might make you slightly uncomfortable. [Washington Post]