Tesla May Limit Effectiveness of Autopilot for Unsafe Drivers

By Gary Cutlack on at

People fortunate enough to own a Tesla yet unwilling to play by the rules of the new self-driving world may find their fun curtailed, as it appears that the carmaker is planning to restrict the usefulness of its Autopilot feature for drivers who don't properly follow safety procedures; as the last thing it needs is to be associated, even incorrectly, with killing drivers willy-nilly.

This comes via Electrek, which says that the 8.0 version of Tesla's software might be more forceful when it comes to refusing to cooperate with drivers who ignore the car's "Hold Steering Wheel" prompts and other warnings to carry on paying at least a bit of attention to what's happening. The site quotes sources inside the Autopilot world who say that Autopilot  will disengage as it already does should a few warnings be ignored, but will then stop the driver from reengaging the feature until the car's stopped and reset by being put into park mode.

This seems to be aimed mainly at the Autosteer options, with the Traffic Aware Cruise Control still operational even if you've had your hands somewhere other than the steering wheel for so long that the car's AI thinks you might've gone to sleep or it left you at the petrol station. [Mashable]

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