TfL Ranks Baby Buggies by Foldability to Optimise Young Families

By Gary Cutlack on at

Someone at Transport for London has decided that what the people really need is a list of baby buggies, sorted by which ones are best for commuting about London's tight old Victorian corridors and stairways. So it got loads in and put them to the test.

The result is a top 5 transport-friendly buggies list feature on TfL's site, where it compares a few cheap Mothercare options with the luxury £539 Bugaboo Porsche Cayennes of the child transportation world. The subtext seems to be that it's very important to fold the sodding thing up and keep it out of the way of the important business people, please, as the winners are all praised for their stowability, narrow width and light weights.

What the MAN who was probably in charge of the judging didn't realise -- almost certainly because he was too busy working while his wife singlehandedly raised his children and now they're teenagers who hate him -- is that it can be quite hard to fold a pushchair when it's got a child in it.

Plus all the accessories little children need -- like food, things to wipe the food off, toilet equipment, spare clothes, cartons of juice with all of the week's sugar in and the like -- don't much like being neatly folded out of the way so all the other MEN can spread themselves appropriately.

Great to see how careful not-for-profit companies are with their resources. [TfL]

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