The Best Gadgets for Your Office

By Tom Pritchard on at

David Brent: Life on the Road has hit cinema screens across the country, and we here at Giz UK are not one to let such an event go to waste. So without further adieu, here are all the best gifts and gadgets David Brent fanboys should get their hands on.

Actually, no, that would be ridiculous. Brent made his name as the start of The Office, so lets have a look at office gadgetry instead. It's a tenuous link, but we're rolling with it.

USB Drink Warmer/Cooler, £13

Regardless of what sort of drink you have, there's usually an optimal temperature you want to keep it at. This USB pad will either cool or warm your drink, regardless of whether it's a cup of coffee, or a can of something. Heating elements keep things toasty warm, or you can use the fan to suck all the heat away from your drink. [Buy it here]

Mobile Desk, £45

Laptops make working away from the desk easier, but wouldn't your work-life be even better if you could bring the desk along? Hence the portable desk, with adjustable height. You'll have to supply the chair, but it means you've always got a workspace at hand. Provided you're willing to lug it around. [Buy it here]


ORICO 9-Port UBS Hub, £25

Everything seems to run off USB these days, so you need a hub. Bigger hubs are available, but give this one a try. It has nine USB 2.0 data ports, with an extra two just for charging stuff. To top that off it also has buttons to turn ports on and off three at a time. [Buy it here]

Livescribe 3 Smartpen, £116

If you're like me, writing stuff is more comfortable than typing it out. The problem is getting it digitised later can be a huge chore, so why not use some gadgetry that does it automatically? Provided you've got the right paper (you can print out some more at home), the Livescribe pen will record every word you write, and beam it across to the companion app on your phone. It can also record audio that's synced with your handwritten notes. [Buy it here]

Phree, $198/£152

If you can't be dealing with the paper or buying replacement ink cartridges for the Livescribe, you can always opt for Phree. It's like a pen, but also not. Essentially, you can write with it, but instead of making any marks it instantly digitises what you're 'written' on your phone. That means you don't need ink, special paper, or even a proper surface to write on. Just the pen and a little bit of empty space. It also functions as a headset, touch-screen stylus, mouse, and has a small screen for seeing your notifications. [Pre-order here]

Privacy Filter

Don't want people spying on your work? No problem. You can get a privacy filter for your screen to stop them from sneaking a peak, even if you're not doing anything particularly seedy. It also functions to reduce glare. You're going to need one that's the right size and ratio for your display, so you'll have to find the right one for yourself. [Browse here]

Portable Shredder, £10

Important office documents can't just be tossed away like an old crisp packet, they have to be handled a bit more securely. So get a shredder. This portable version is powered by USB or four AA batteries, and can be taken everywhere you need it to go. You can also go manual, with this hand-powered version that also comes with a collection try. [Buy it here]

Magic Whiteboard, £25

When it comes to note-taking, doodling, or brainstorming, nothing quite beats a whiteboard. Except maybe glass, but that stuff is fragile as hell and nowhere near as versatile. This here has 25 A1 whiteboard sheets that can be stuck to things, without needing pins, tape, or blue tac. That means anything you like, even the back of your laptop, can become your own personal whiteboard. [Buy it here]

iStick Desktop Organiser, £38

This may seem pricey, but it's a great tool for keeping all of the things on your desk nice and tidy. It's a raised stand with compartments for all your office supplies, including pens, post-its, your phone, and so on. It also has a cup holder, three USB 20 ports, and a full card reader. [Buy it here]

Lumo Lift Posture Coach, £50

Sitting an a desk all day can play havoc on your back, and you can't always consciously correct yourself. Lumo vibrates when you're not sitting up straight, and will do until you correct yourself. It's also an activity tracker, keeping tabs on things like calories, distance travelled, and all that. [Buy it here]

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, £170

There's no need to have a full-size scanner these days, but you shouldn't just stick with mobile apps. This portable scanner will speedily scan all your documents, and convert them into searchable PDF files. It also has a dedicated business card scanner, built-in OCR, ScanSnap's receipt extraction software, and can be powered by USB or AC. [Buy it here]

Office Chair Trainer, £225

Working in an office isn't that great from a fitness perspective, but there are ways to deal with that. If you want to exercise from the comfort of your desk, give this a try. Just strap it to the back of your chair, an you'll be able to do one of 25 exercises (working 10 different muscles) throughout the day. [Buy it here]

MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike, £139

If those exercises aren't for you, maybe working your legs will be more to your liking. So stick this under your desk and cycle the length of Britain without actually going outside. it should accommodate all foot sizes, and has magnetic resistance if you're finding things are getting too easy. [Buy it here]