The iPhone 7 Will Definitely Maybe Come Out on September 23rd

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

By literally not saying a word, Apple has got us all arguing not only about the next iPhone’s name but its release date too. What a thrilling time to be alive.

The latest reports from people ‘in the know’ say the iPhone 7 -- assuming it won’t be called the iPhone 6S Part II -- will arrive in shops on September 23rd. That intelligence is apparently based on official documents from AT&T.

It goes against earlier claims from reliable tipster Evan Blass of a September 16th release, and you don’t need me to tell you just how crazy a situation this is.

What if everyone’s wrong? What if the phone's already out, but nobody's bothered checking the Apple website thoroughly enough? What if Tim Cook decides to present the launch in a string vest and a top hat? What if the people don’t whoop as loudly or as frequently as they usually do?

We’ll have all the answers at some point. Meanwhile, here's everything we think we sort of know about the iPhone 7. [9to5Mac]