The Metropolitan Police are Still Using 27,000 Windows XP Computers

By James O Malley on at

Being a police officer is one of the hardest jobs imaginable. Every day you go to work, not knowing whether you'll face violence or danger. And even worse - you might have to use Windows XP.

According to V3, 27,000 computers used by the Metropolitan Police are still on XP - which was first released in 2001 and received its last major update in 2008 - 8 years ago.

What's slightly worrying about this is that Microsoft ended support for XP in 2014 - meaning that it wouldn't receive any more patches or updates to guard against bugs which could conceivably leave systems vulnerable to hackers or viruses. V3 quotes London Assembly member Andrew Boff summing the situation up by saying that "Operating systems age more like milk than wine, and Windows XP is well past its sell-by date".

There is some good news though: There is an upgrade programme that is slowly rolling out to upgrade the computers to something more modern. The bad news? Rather than go for Windows 10, or even reliable old Windows 7, the Met appears to have gone for the worst of both worlds and is transitioning its computers to the universally loathed Windows 8.1. So, umm, good luck with keeping London safe guys.