The Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Sounds a Bit Grim

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The build-up to Rio 2016 hasn't exactly been joyous, thanks to Zika, major organisational issues and doping. A new report from our mates over at Deadspin says that parts of the opening ceremony of the Games will be similarly grim in tone, with Gisele Bündchen in line for some rough treatment.

The supermodel will reportedly be assaulted and robbed during the ceremony, in a segment intended to reflect life in Rio. The report is based on a Google translation -- one which Deadspin admits could be slightly off -- of eyewitness reports of Sunday’s dress rehearsal.

Here’s how it reads:

Another curiosity was on account of a passage where Gisele Bündchen, parading to the sound of “The Girl from Ipanema. In the end, however, the message of this scene will be peace.

The musicality, always exalting Brazilian artists, will soon be seen in the beginning, when Paulinho da Viola will perform the national anthem with voice and guitar. Following, a dance show with hundreds of artists will recreate the first moments of the history of the country at the Maracana field: the symbols of the first centuries will be present.

Still in the first hour reserved for the performing arts, the flight of a replica of the plane 14 Bis draw the attention of all. Soon after, the course is free for a parade of more than 100 meters from top international Gisele Bündchen. At this time, there will be a simulation of assault and even persecution.

Weird, eh. There are also reports that, there'll also be a song detailing Brazil's high numbers of road accidents during a section on urbanisation. It still sounds better than France’s abysmal Euro 2016 opening show. [Deadspin, MailOnline]