The Sound of These £3,699 Earphones is Reserved for Your Dreams Only

By Gerald Lynch on at

Knowing the fortunes of my favourite bands, I'm pretty sure I could purchase the members outright for the same price as the oBravo EAMT-1 earphones. The "most expensive" in the world, the luxury in-ears will set you back a stonking £3,699.

So what are you getting here for the price of a half-decent car? It seems to be the Hybrid-Planar drive unit pinching those pounds, with a coaxial design (two types of driver miniaturised and combined into a single unit) being the "most advanced" driver tech that oBravo can squeeze in. This should deliver sound similar to what you'd expect from an over-ear set, with a wide frequency range (15Hz – 45kHz) that goes beyond what the human ear can naturally hear.

Elsewhere in the construction you'll find the use of premium ceramics in each bud, and a range of ear tips for a comfy fit, whatever your ear shape.

If you want to give them a try before you inevitably see sense and pull out of a purchase, head over to Audio Sanctuary.