The Super Mario Tube Map is Beyond Magnificent

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Tube map is a design icon. It has an incredibly long and fascinating history and also lends itself to constant reinvention. However, of all the great, good and completely pointless takes on the Tube map we’ve seen over the years, nothing compares to this.

Robert Bacon, a graphic designer, has created a Super Mario-themed masterpiece that belongs on your bedroom wall. Clear your schedule for the next hour. It’s ogling time.

The piece of gorgeousness is available in two different sizes -- 24 x 18 inches ($25) and 36 x 24 inches ($40) -- and we can’t think of a finer item to splash out on. Oh, and here's a Nintendo-themed competition you might be interested in too. Get your order in here. [Shortlist]