This Record-Breaking Batman Cosplay Has 23 Working Bat Gadgets

By Tom Pritchard on at

Cosplay is about more than just buying a cheap costume online and wearing it round a convention hall all day. A lot of people put serious amounts of time, effort, and money into making some incredibly impressive costumes. But not many of them can compare to this incredible Batman suit.

It's being featured in the upcoming newest Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer's Edition, because it also happens to have broken the record for 'most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit'. There are 23 of them in total, and all of them are attached to the batsuit in some shape or form. They include:

A fireball shooter, two gauntlet video screens, a bat tracking beacon, a bat sign projector, a folding Batarang, a grapple gun, an NBC cowl respirator, a pneumatic tranquilliser gun, an ultrasonic anti dog device, four bat shurikens, a UV lamp, two ball bearing grenades, a gauntlet flashlight, a medi-kit, a battery pack, a laser designator, a bat-cam, a 2000 watt EMP strobe stun gun, a gas dispenser, two smoke bombs. a 'Bat Flask', a concealed laryngeal microphone, an a two-way radio.

The suit, which is based on the design featured in the wholly-underrated Arkham Origins, was created by creature special effects artist Julian Checkly. Wearing the entire thing Julian stands at a whopping 6'10", which is enough to intimidate any street-level criminal scum.

All the pieces were created using 3D printing, before being moulded and cast using flexible urethane rubber. After being trimmed, detailed, and painted, the pieces were attached to specially designed undersuit and weathered to simulate the effects of fighting crime.