Those James Martin for Top Gear Rumours Aren't Going Away

By Tom Pritchard on at

In a small ray of sunshine that new new Top Gear desperately needs, it's being reported that TV chef James Martin is in talks to join the BBC's motoring show.

It's been a bumpy road for Top Gear ever since a hungry Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer. The new series was not very well received and had consistently poor viewing figures, Chris Evans left, and then Matt LeBlanc (the best part of the new series) suggested that he might not be returning either. This is hopefully some good news that the programme desperately needs.

Some of you might remember that Martin was originally rumoured to be joining the show after Short, Fat, and Slow decided to start driving cars for Amazon. That never happened, obviously, and according to The Mirror Martin felt a bit disappointed at the snub. The paper claims that the presenter/chef thought he would be perfect for the job, and ended up taking more work with ITV as a result.

Let's be honest, anyone would have been a better option than Chris Evans.

At the moment Martin is standing in for Eamonn Holmes on This Morning for ITV, which might put a dampener on his relationship with the BBC. But despite that he's got some of the right credentials to host Top Gear. He has plenty of TV presenting experience, and has used his fame to buy a pretty impressive collection of cars.

Let's just hope that if he does get the job, he'll be a lot less annoying than his predecessor. [The Mirror via Huffington Post]