Time to Go PokéHunting: Pokémon Go's Nearby Tracker Has Been Fixed

By James O Malley on at

Wonderful news for Pokémon Go players as Niantic has released yet another update for the game, which fixes one of the biggest problems that players have experienced.

When the game launched the "Nearby" feature on the bottom right of the main screen would in theory show you what monsters are available to catch in your locale, though in practice it meant that you spent far too long swearing about how you've been walking around for an hour and still no Dratini has appeared. The feature never really worked properly - and was removed in the game's first major update.

Fast forward a few weeks and the feature has now been restored by the developers - and dare we say it appears to have been improved? Gone are the tiny footstep icons to indicate how far away each Pokémon supposedly is, and instead monsters are pictured in one of two ways: They're listed under "sightings", standing next to an icon representing long grass. Or if you're really lucky, their will appear next to a thumbnail of a nearby PokéStop, indicating more or less exactly where you need to be if you want to bag it.

According to The Independent, pressing on the thumbnail will even zoom the map out, so you can see exactly where you need to go. It's almost making it too easy.

The update also includes a few other bug fixes and updates. For example, if you attempt to play while driving, the game will throw up a message to tell you off, a bit like how it warns against trespassing when you first load the app. Battery-saving mode has also been restored on iOS, and apparently it even works this time too - hurrah! [Independent]