Trying to See All the Art in All the Museums in London in One Day Looks Like a Fun Time

By Gizmodo on at

Okay, it’s probably hell if you actually tried it. Alex Gorosh visited 13 museums in London, saw more than 140,000 works of art, and walked more than 22 miles in one day in an attempt to see all the art there is to see in London. He didn’t even see more than one per cent of the art in the city. That’s because London has 92 museums, and more than 20 million works of art.

But still, Gorosh sure makes it look like a lot of fun in the video of his entire day. You can see him run from museum to museum, walk in a silly way throughout the exhibits, and cheekily have fun with those cheeky Brits. Plus, you get to see a blur of all that art.