Turkish News Report Confuses GTA IV Tips with Military Coup Secrets

By Gary Cutlack on at

A journalist rummaging through bins for potentially incriminating material left in the wake of the recent Turkish military coup attempt thought she'd struck gold, only for it to later be revealed that the list of guns and armour was in fact the scribbles of a player of GTA IV.

The report said: "This is how they communicate in secrets. Even though it says 'cheats,' health and gun, health and armor, weather, this were the things they used in the coup."

Here's the awkward moment the discovery was featured:

Not sure if SA<DFPŞGIJSDFOPĞIGHJSDOPIFJGPDJFOG is a word or not, and if so, what it means. Presumably it's Turkish for HAHAHAHAHA or a particularly loud and ironic LOL. [Gawker]

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