Virgin Media Now Has a Superfast Broadband Plan for Gamers

By Gerald Lynch on at

You can make a good living out of eSports these days, but if you're stuck on a slow or inconsistent broadband connection, it's like asking Usain Bolt to run a world record time through treacle. Virgin Media's courting the most demanding of gamers with a new broadband deal aimed specifically at them, the "Vivid 200 Gamer" package.

Launching on September 1st, it's been put together with advice from top eSports gangs, including Gfinity, and offers fully unlimited, cap-free downloads up to 200Mbps and uploads at up to 20Mbps.

To get the Vivid 200 Gamer package, you'll have to nab it as a £5 per month add-on to the the standard Vivid 200 tariff, which itself offers 200Mbps downloads, but only 12Mbps uploads. So the focus here, what with increased upload capabilities, is essentially on streamers and YouTubers, posting their brag clips as soon as they've pwned the competition.