Virgin Trains East Coast Announces Trio of August Strikes

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

When I say ‘railway’ you say ‘strike’.

Don’t be especially surprised to hear such a line over the tannoy the next time you find yourself stranded in a train station. Virgin Trains East Coast staff have announced a set of three 24-hour strikes this month and yes, one of them’s scheduled for the Bank Holiday Monday.

Workers will walk out from 3am on August 19th, 26th and 29th to protest job cuts, work conditions and safety. The RMT union says that around 1,800 of its members will be involved, including station staff, some drivers and train guards. Depot maintenance workers, however, will not strike.

Just under 200 Virgin Trains East Coast jobs are said to be under threat, with the union claiming that the rail franchise had a “cavalier attitude” to safety.

"The company have chosen to treat the negotiations as a game thus far, merely going through the motions of pretending they did not yet know what their plans entailed,” said RMT general secretary Mick Cash. "To behave like that is to treat the union and its members with pure contempt." [BBC]

Image: Simon Davison Photography via Flickr