Virtual Reality is Bringing the Final Frontier to Us

By Tom Pritchard on at

Most of us will never be able to leave the bounds of the planet, but soon we might be able to get the next best thing. No, I don't mean Virgin Galactic. There's actually a satellite equipped with a VR camera ready to be shot off into orbit.

Space VR will be using the spacecraft, named Overview 1, to bring the world a front-row seat to the infinite depths of the cosmos. All you'll need is a VR headset to enjoy the gravity-defying views. It's set to blast off to low earth orbit next June, with help from SpaceX and the ISS to get things going.

It'll be equipped with 4K sensors, capable of capturing ultra-high definition shots of Earth and the vastness of space. While there aren't any headsets capable of enjoying that resolution in full (unless you strap an Xperia Z5 Premium into a Cardboard headset), we have to remember that there's a 10 month gap between now and when Overview 1 actually leaves the planet. Even then, getting everything up and running might take a little bit longer. So there's plenty of time for VR and mobile tech to catch up.

Even if we have to stick to the resolution currently afforded by headsets and phones, those views should still be absolutely stunning. [SpaceVR via TechRadar]